Discover Nature’s Haven: Buttercup Group Camping Insights

Nestled in the scenic embrace of San Bernardino National Forest, Buttercup Group Campground beckons outdoor enthusiasts to an idyllic retreat near Big Bear Lake. Surrounded by a mature pine forest, this campground offers a serene escape for group campers, accommodating up to 40 people with tents or RVs. Before embarking on your adventure, glean essential insights, from top tips for first-time campers to strategic tactics for an optimal experience, and comprehensive gear recommendations to elevate your camping escapade amid the captivating landscapes.

Map & Reservations

Top Tips for First-time Campers:

  • Reserve in Advance: As Buttercup Group Campground demands reservations, ensure a seamless camping experience by booking in advance.
  • Pack-Out Trash: Adhere to responsible camping practices by packing out your trash, maintaining the pristine beauty of the surroundings.
  • Explore Big Bear Lake: Take advantage of the proximity to Big Bear Lake for an array of water activities like boating, swimming, and fishing.

Top Strategies for Optimal Camping Experience:

  • Ideal Seasonal Window: Plan your camping trip between late April and mid-October to relish favorable weather conditions, ensuring a pleasant stay.
  • Strategic Arrival: Optimal arrival times are during the early afternoon, adhering to the 2:00 PM check-in, guaranteeing a smooth start to your camping adventure.

Recommended Camping Gear:

  • Portable Shade: Enhance your camping comfort with portable shade options, providing respite from the sun during the day.
  • Group Campfire Essentials: Bring along firewood and cooking supplies for the provided fire rings, fostering a cozy ambiance for group gatherings.
  • Nighttime Illumination: Illuminate your campsite with reliable lanterns or headlamps, ensuring visibility during the night.
  • Trash Disposal Bags: Practice Leave No Trace principles with trash disposal bags, contributing to the cleanliness of the campground.
  • Explore Our Gearlist: Unlock precise gear recommendations on our gearlist account, guiding you on camp cooking, sleeping systems, overlanding setups, backpacks, and clothing to optimize your Buttercup camping experience.

Check out our Gearlist for the gear we use for trips like this

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Immerse yourself in the natural splendor surrounding Buttercup Group Campground, where shaded campsites and a wealth of outdoor activities await. Big Bear Lake, with its diverse attractions, provides a perfect backdrop for group camping adventures. Embark on an unforgettable journey, embracing the tranquility and excitement that San Bernardino National Forest has to offer.