Discover Riverside Serenity: Mayflower Regional Park Campground on the Colorado River

Nestled along the picturesque Colorado River just north of Blythe, Mayflower Regional Park Campground invites campers to embrace the tranquility of its scenic beauty. The campground, operated by Riverside County Parks, offers 152 RV sites with water and electric hook-ups, along with 27 tent sites for those seeking a more rustic camping experience. Boasting a host of recreational activities, including water skiing, fishing, and waterfront relaxation, Mayflower Park provides a serene escape for nature enthusiasts.

Map & Reservations

Top Tips for Campers Camping Here the First Time

  • Hydration Essentials: Given the riverside location, it’s advisable to bring bottled water for drinking, ensuring you stay well-hydrated throughout your stay.
  • Mosquito Preparedness: Be mindful of mosquitoes, especially during certain times. Consider bringing insect repellent to ward off any bothersome bugs.
  • Pet-Friendly Atmosphere: Embrace the pet-friendly environment by bringing your furry companions, but ensure they are on a leash and always attended. A small daily fee of $2 per pet applies.
  • Online Reservations: Streamline your camping experience by making reservations online, securing your spot at this popular riverside retreat.
  • Exploration Opportunities: Take advantage of the diverse recreational activities available, from water activities like boating and skiing to land-based games such as shuffleboard, horseshoes, and lawn bowling.

Top Strategies and Tactics to Get the Most Out of Camping Here

  • Ideal Camping Season: While Mayflower Park is open year-round, the optimal camping season falls between spring and fall, allowing you to enjoy a wider range of outdoor activities in favorable weather conditions.
  • Waterfront Campsites: If you’re an RV camper, consider opting for waterfront campsites with partial or full hook-ups, offering breathtaking views and convenient access to the Colorado River.
  • Timing Your Arrival: Arrive early to secure your preferred campsite, especially if you aim for a scenic riverside spot or have specific hook-up requirements.
  • Free Showers: Take advantage of the free showers provided within the campground, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable stay.
  • Boat Launch Convenience: Explore the Colorado River by launching your boat from the campground’s dock, available for a nominal fee of $7.

Recommendations on What Camping Gear to Use

  • Compact Camping Gear: As campsites are not paved, consider using compact and portable camping gear, making it easier to set up and manage in the natural surroundings.
  • Water Recreation Gear: Pack water-friendly gear for activities like water skiing and fishing, enhancing your experience along the Colorado River.
  • Pet Essentials: Cater to your pets’ needs by bringing essentials like a leash, water bowl, and comfortable bedding to create a pet-friendly camping environment.
  • BBQ Essentials: Since fires are only permitted in provided BBQs in specific campsite areas, bring necessary BBQ essentials for convenient and safe outdoor cooking.
  • Explore Our Gearlist: Check our gearlist account for specific recommendations on camp cooking, sleeping systems, overlanding setups, backpacks, and clothing to optimize your camping experience.

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Immerse yourself in the riverside charm of Mayflower Regional Park Campground, where the soothing sounds of the Colorado River and the warmth of the campfire create an unforgettable camping experience. Whether you seek aquatic adventures, relaxation by the fire, or exploration of nearby attractions, this Riverside County gem offers a perfect blend of nature and recreation.