San Gorgonio Campground: Your Gateway to Tranquil Mountain Retreats

Nestled 6,360 feet above sea level in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest, San Gorgonio Campground beckons campers seeking a serene mountain escape just 36 miles northeast of San Bernardino. Steeped in natural beauty, this campground offers 54 well-appointed sites surrounded by a mature oak and pine forest. Before you embark on your camping journey, explore our top tips, strategies, and gear recommendations to make the most of your San Gorgonio experience.

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Top Tips for First-Time Campers:

  • Embrace Nature’s Symphony: Experience the tranquility of the campground’s mature oak and pine forest surroundings; let the soothing sounds of nature enhance your camping experience.
  • Group Site Advantage: Consider reserving one of the three double sites for a more communal camping experience with friends or family.
  • Strategic Reservation: Plan your camping trip strategically, as the campground requires a 2-day minimum stay on weekends and 3 days on holiday weekends.
  • Explore Nearby Trails: Take advantage of the campground’s proximity to scenic hiking and horseback riding trails, such as the popular Santa Ana River Trail.
  • Campfire Etiquette: Enjoy campfires responsibly by confining them to provided fire rings, fostering a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Top Strategies and Tactics for Camping Success:

  • Optimal Seasons: Visit between late April and late September to relish the pleasant mountain weather and partake in a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Early Check-In Advantage: Arrive early in the day to secure your preferred campsite, and maximize daylight hours for camp setup and exploration.
  • Premium Campsite Selection: Explore accessible sites like #9, 11-14, or 28-31 for added convenience and a more enjoyable camping experience.
  • Nearby Attractions: Venture 25 miles north to Big Bear Lake for boating, waterskiing, and hiking, or participate in evening educational programs at the Grayback Amphitheater.
  • Bear Safety: Prevent encounters with local wildlife by securing food in bear-proof storage boxes, ensuring a safe and respectful coexistence.

Recommendations on Camping Gear:

  • Campsite Comfort: Enhance your camping comfort with a picnic tablecloth, ensuring a cozy outdoor dining experience.
  • Hydration Essentials: Bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated while exploring nearby hiking trails and enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Warmth in the Mountains: Pack warm clothing layers, as temperatures can vary, especially during the evening hours.
  • Illumination Tools: Carry flashlights or headlamps to navigate the campground during quiet hours and enjoy stargazing.
  • Explore Our Gearlist: Check our gearlist account for specific recommendations on camp cooking, sleeping systems, overlanding setups, backpacks, and clothing to optimize your camping experience.

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As you embark on your adventure to San Gorgonio Campground, let the majestic beauty of the San Bernardino National Forest envelop you. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or an active mountain getaway, our curated tips and recommendations will ensure a memorable and enjoyable camping experience.